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Available turn around times are as follows:
Priority (1 Business Day)
Expedited (5 Business Days)
Regular (Approx. 3-4 Weeks)

Case Information

Content to be Transcribed

When describing content to be transcribed, please be precise and provide a definitive frame of reference, including timeframe if applicable.
Example: "Commencement of court to morning recess"

Note: Most pre-trial motions and submissions of counsel are NOT transcribed unless specifically requested. For appeal purposes, an order of appellate court or written approval of all other parties is required to include these portions of the proceedings.


Why Choose Us?

Authorized to produce certified court transcripts in the province of Ontario, we are a dedicated team of Certified Court Transcriptionists ready to meet your exact needs.

As a team with over 120 years of combined experience allows us to provide the very best in quality of service and turn around times.

Order Your Certified Court Transcript

We offer transcription services for all court levels including but not limited to:

Superior Court
Divisional Court
Small Claims
Family Court
Court of Appeal
Ontario Court of Justice
Justice of the Peace Intake
Pre-Enquete hearings
11B Applications

We accept transcript orders from all courthouses in Ontario.

Legal Transcription

Canadian Legal Transcription

Certified Legal Transcription in the province of Ontario


Delivery to Suit Your Schedule

Delivery to Suit Your Schedule

There are a variety of lead time options available for your Certified Court Transcripts to suit your particular needs




Certified transcripts are essential for proper court procedures, we strive to make sure that your transcript meets your high expectations in the lead time you need.


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