offers a one stop location for all of your Court Transcription and general transcription needs, whether you need a transcript in 24 hours or 2 weeks, we can get it done. Certified Court Transcripts specializes in Ontario and Superior Court proceedings but also provides general transcription services including recorded audio and video transcription.


Our experience working with some of the largest law firms in Ontario and throughout the GTA allows us to provide quick turn around and quality transcripts without outsourcing to foreign countries as is common in the transcription industry. All of our transcripts are produced by Certified Court Reporters who understand courtroom procedure, proper citing of case law, legal and medical terminology.


We specialize in transcripts for the Court of Appeal for Ontario, Divisional Court and the Superior Court of Justice, as well as 11b applications.


Our unique online order form allows you to order a Certified Transcript from any court in Ontario, quickly and painlessly. We will immediately pair your transcription request with a Certified transcriptionist, authorized by the Attorney General and get to work straight away.


No longer do you have to search through lists of transcriptionists trying to find someone who will even respond, let alone be able to do the work in time. All of our transcriptionists are In-Court Reporters responsible for in-court recordings servicing the John Sopinka Courthouse in Hamilton, Unified Family Court in Hamilton as well as other courthouses in the Central West Region.

Why Choose Us?

Authorized to produce certified court transcripts in the province of Ontario, we are a dedicated team of Certified Court Transcriptionists ready to meet your exact needs.

As a team with over 120 years of combined experience allows us to provide the very best in quality of service and turn around times.

Order Your Certified Court Transcript

Only Certified Transcripts are admissible in Court, order your Certified Transcript, transcribed by a Certified Transcriptionist by clicking here.

We offer transcription services for all court levels including but not limited to:

Superior Court
Divisional Court
Small Claims
Family Court
Court of Appeal
Ontario Court of Justice
Justice of the Peace Intake
Pre-Enquete hearings
11B Applications

We accept transcript orders from all courthouses in Ontario.

Legal Transcription

Canadian Legal Transcription

Certified Legal Transcription in the province of Ontario


Delivery to Suit Your Schedule

Delivery to Suit Your Schedule

There are a variety of lead time options available for your Certified Court Transcripts to suit your particular needs




Certified transcripts are essential for proper court procedures, we strive to make sure that your transcript meets your high expectations in the lead time you need.


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